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We Buy Miami/Broward Junk Cars

We are always buying stock at You Pull It, and we promise you instant CASH for your wrecked, tired or unwanted vehicle. You can bring your car down to us or arrange for us to pick up your wrecked vehicle.
Donate Your CarIf your Miami/Broward Junk Cars are not complete, we still can offer you money for the parts or even the metal as we are a full operational scrap metals recycler.

You Pull It buys vehicles on any working or not working condition from Insurance Salvage Cars, Salvage Car Auctions, the general public, also we take your auto donations for charity works; Remember when you donate your car we all win, and we save our children’s future by protecting the environment.
There are hundred of Miami/Broward Junk Cars that need to be recycled, it is our job to make it easy for you to achieve that goal and make you some money on the process. Some of this vehicles Salvage Auto Parts  could be used, give them a second chance to help someone in need.

You Pull It’s broad inventory includes Auto Salvage for Sale, Repairable Salvage Cars, Rebuildable Salvage Cars and a la carte used auto parts for every day car repair.

Call us today at 954-581-4889 to schedule a pick up.

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