Car Stolen By Tow Truck Sold To Junk Yard

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Car sold to junk yard without owner’s permission
A homeowner located at 1900 Huff Place called the Chattanooga Police when she noticed her car was missing out of her driveway. A neighbor noticed a tow truck pull up, hook up a 1988 Oldsmobile and drive off. The owner found out through investigators 
…More at Car sold to junk yard without owner’s permission – WRCB-TV

New $100 Bill

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Allow me to introduce to you MR. Benjamin Franking 2013 $100 Bill.

As everything else that gets counterfeited, new technology and even the $5 bill, The US department of treasury has release pictures for the new $100 Bill.


and here they are!!!!


$100 BILL 2013 FRONT



$100 BILL 2013 BACK



Fort Lauderdale Plantation Area Junk Cars

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Removal of junk cars

Why do we provide removal of junk cars? Well is very simple, the environment needs us and the future doesn’t look so clean with hundreds of cars laying around and rusting. We have created a business in the metals recycling business where every car gets shredded Junk cars Miamiand melted to make new ones. Of course this vehicles are inspected, drained of all their dangerous fluids and oils before they get to our yard where people disassemble them to re-use their still working parts and they only pay a fraction of the price.

When it comes to removal of junk cars at You Pull It we offer cash for junk cars fort lauderdale.

  • We buy junk cars Miami
  • We buy junk cars Broward
  • We buy junk cars West Palm Beach

We buy cars from local towing companies like 954 junk car and the general public.


How to sell my junk car

I once had a rusting vehicle in my back yard said John, I need to how to sell my junk car he said and the journey begins.
In order to junk your car for cash first you need to give us a call at 954-581-4889, we will then offer you top price for your vehicle.
There will be a few questions, do you own the vehicle? do you have the title?, does the car run? is the car complete? and a couple more
this is the same process for junk cars Miami or Broward junk cars.


Junk cars Miami

Miami is such a huge area, cars get abandoned every day, this cars make the area look bad and bring property values down. then people call us to remove those junk cars from their properties, we do that free of charge. and if the car belongs to you we pay you cash on the spot for it. It’s a win win situation, the city get cleaner from, you make some money and we buy junk cars Miami.

Broward junk cars

Broward county is no exception to abandoned cars, we receive hundreds of call every week about a car left in a rural area of the county, or worst people burn them, cars get stolen and all their parts removed making them worthless to fix, if your insurance company covers the damage you will be covered by them, we also buy vehicles from insurance companies. If you notice a car that has been abandoned or it’s obvious that was stolen of their parts give us a call, we can help remove it from you property or community.
If you want to sell my car fort lauderdale we are ready when you are, we buy junk cars fort lauderdale and surrounding areas, Plantation,Davie,Hollywood,Pembroke Pines, Pompano,Sunrise, anywhere in Broward county we give you cash for junk cars fort lauderdale.


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Cash For Junk Cars

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Cash For Junk Cars

You Pull It created the Cash For Junk Cars program to benefits everybody who wants to clear their yard off damaged vehicles and get paid at the same time. We pick up cars, trucks, aluminum boats, or any type or motor vehicles from yards, garages and driveways. The Cash For Junk Cars programs allows You Pull It to buy all vehicles makes and models, domestic or foreign, even if it’s running or not. We buy vehicles or any age and we offer the highest prices on today’s market prices.

You Pull It also offers free towing pick up for any vehicle you want to sell.

We assure you that every part of your vehicle will be put to good use. At our facility we remove any hazardous fluids that will harm the environment and recycle them too. The parts from your cars will be put at our large salvage yard, making those parts available for anyone who needs them, and any remaining scrap metal will be shredded and melted to create more new product for you to enjoy. You Pull It Cash For Junk Cars helps reduce the footprint that every vehicle leaves on the environment and gives everyone the opportunity to make and save money at the same time.

Our Cash For Junk Cars program purchases vehicles at our Fort Lauderdale Facility and from over 50 other locations across the Country and Latin America, Caribbean and Europe. Contact us today, we pay Cash for Used Cars!

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Additionally there is Cash for Junk Cars California, Cash for Junk Cars Dallas, and Cash for Clunkers Program, give us a call to schedule a free pick up of you undesirable old junk car.

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5 Best Tips When U Pull and Pay And Get Low Prices On Used Auto Parts

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At the U Pull And Pay JunkYard

junk yard toolsVisiting a You Pull It Junk yard can be frustration if you are not prepared, Since you are the one that has to take the part out of the vehicle and like me, you are probably not an experienced or licensed mechanic. When We say U Pull And Pay it means You have to pull the part out of the junk vehicle with your own tools, no help from the employees and at your own risk.

This are a few tips that I would recommend following when you visit a Pull And Pay Junkyard:

  1. Bring your own tools.
    Like we mentioned above, there are no loaners at the junk yard, you need to have your own tools and know how to use them. If you are planning on going under a vehicles you should bring some matts of cardboard to lay on. There are all kinds of metals on the ground that could scratch you and hurt you plenty.
  2. Bring Help. 
    If you are planning on pulling a heavy part like a transmission or en engine, or maybe a hood or seat, most likely you could use some help to carry the part, unmount it, Liability is on you when You Pull And Pay for your own parts.
  3. Hire A Mechanic.
    Most people don’t know this but at most local junk yards there are folks that sell their services to people who need help pulling parts out of vehicles, their prices are usually low compared to a fully licensed mechanic that works at a shop and you will still save money buying used auto parts from the pick n pull junk yard.
  4. Call Ahead.
    Call the salvage yard and ask if they have the vehicle you are looking for before you visit the yard.
  5. Check Inter-exchangeability of the part you need.
    Basically find out what other vehicles have the same part as yours, your Toyota Tacoma may have the same headlights as a Toyota 4Runner, this is called Part Exchange and it very helpful to know your options before going to the junkyard.

Also you need to bring plenty of water, new junkyards have their cars on concrete ground and it can be really hot while you are there. If you need to carry something heavy ask the attendants at the yard for a hoist to carry engine or transmissions, also some salvage yards rent wheelbarrows for a couple of dollars or so, make sure you have close toe shoes, you don’t want to drop something on your precious feet and not be able to walk for a week.

Have fun saving money!

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