Cash For Junk Cars

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Cash For Junk Cars

You Pull It created the Cash For Junk Cars program to benefits everybody who wants to clear their yard off damaged vehicles and get paid at the same time. We pick up cars, trucks, aluminum boats, or any type or motor vehicles from yards, garages and driveways. The Cash For Junk Cars programs allows You Pull It to buy all vehicles makes and models, domestic or foreign, even if it’s running or not. We buy vehicles or any age and we offer the highest prices on today’s market prices.

You Pull It also offers free towing pick up for any vehicle you want to sell.

We assure you that every part of your vehicle will be put to good use. At our facility we remove any hazardous fluids that will harm the environment and recycle them too. The parts from your cars will be put at our large salvage yard, making those parts available for anyone who needs them, and any remaining scrap metal will be shredded and melted to create more new product for you to enjoy. You Pull It Cash For Junk Cars helps reduce the footprint that every vehicle leaves on the environment and gives everyone the opportunity to make and save money at the same time.

Our Cash For Junk Cars program purchases vehicles at our Fort Lauderdale Facility and from over 50 other locations across the Country and Latin America, Caribbean and Europe. Contact us today, we pay Cash for Used Cars!

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Additionally there is Cash for Junk Cars California, Cash for Junk Cars Dallas, and Cash for Clunkers Program, give us a call to schedule a free pick up of you undesirable old junk car.

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